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SyTek Systems inc. has over 18 years of knowledge in the IT and VoIP field and will take on any challenge no matter how big or small. We have partnered with many companies to bring affordable solutions to any project. We're very knowledgeable in Virus Removal, PC Repair, Printer, Plotter Repair, Networking and VoIP solutions. If you have an existing company, starting a company or just buying a computer to surf the web, we can offer many competitive solutions for whatever you're trying to do.

We're partnered with Symantec to bring a cloud solution for Symantec Endpoint Protection and online Backup and can offer a more robust solution for AntiVirus. Malware, Spyware and Data protection (READ MORE)

SyTek is a leader in Printer and Plotter repair. We're one of the only local plotter repair shops left in south Florida and can fix any HP LaserJet or DesignJet printers. (READ MORE) For a list of mot of the printers and plotters we repair (CLIK HERE)

SyTek Systems, Inc. has many years of knowledge with networking and VoIP for home and business. We can manage your home network to an enterprise solution. We have references of network administration on large networks available on request. (READ MORE)

SyTek started out building and repairing computers. Our knowledge in PC repair is second to none. We can repair desktops, laptops and servers. Most repairs are software repairs but sometimes hardware needs to be replaced and we have many sources to help reduce your cost in repairs. (READ MORE)

SyTek can support most platforms. Our main knowledge is in Windows and Mac. We can dispatch a technician to you with our on-site services or we can use our remote technical services to help you. We have been using remote services to support our Symantec Cloud Services as a proactive solution in today's potentially dangerous and malicious software. Contact us today and see how we can make your world a little easier and safe. (READ MORE)

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